At our last meeting on May 31st, Craig Chapman and John Brunelli were our guest speakers.  They came to us from New Englanders Helping Our Veterans, a group that is devoted to all veterans in need regardless of their time in service or deployment status.
Craig Chapman, a retired Army Sergeant Major and recently retired member of the North Attleboro Police, is the Vice President of NEHOV, and John Brunelli, former Navy Corpsman, is their Treasurer.  The mission of the group is to assist veterans within the New England area and give them easier access to the help they need. Veterans simply need to provide proof of serving our country.  Someone may also request help for a veteran on their behalf as often times vets are proud people who see asking for help as a weakness.  Help comes in many ways including social counseling.
Many of their clients do not qualify for VA aid but still have needs. NEHOV are 100% volunteer and are funded entirely by donations.  They work through local town veterans’ agents and other contacts to help veterans find the services they need.. NEHOV has helped to provide utility and home fuel assistance, housing transitioning, furniture donations, prescription co-pays, grocery gift cards and much more.  All funds go directly to help veterans with minimal expense to the organization.
L-R, John Brunelli (NEHOV), Willy Duphily (Rotary), Craig Chapman (NEHOV)