Community Service ... Our Rotary Club of Middleboro engages in it in many ways all year long.  Most recently it was in the clean up & beautification of the John F. Glass memorial island that we adopted.

We added seasonal touches last fall -- cornstalks & pumpkins - and followed that up with a large snowman for the winter.  So this Spring week on May 1st we gathered there as a group, tools in hand and with many flowers and plenty of mulch and set to work

Special thanks to Heather, a nearby neighbor, who also brought plants and her helping hands. And, since it takes a Village, special thanks also to the couple walking by who stopped to inquire of our efforts and then offered their assistance and pitched right in!   That's what it's all about!!

We hope to have more Middleboro citizens join us for our next round coming soon. Check us out here and on Facebook, or just Ask Quack!!!