On January 10th we had the pleasure of meeting Missy Garlisi as our guest speaker.  Missy Garlisi is the Membership Chair for District 7950.  She is also a successful real estate agent and instructor for Keller Williams. Her late dad was a long time Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow.  Missy earned a Paul Harris in 2009 and again in 2022.  She has served on the district membership committee since 2017 and has chaired it since 2020—the Covid year which was a real challenge.
Missy brought us some good points about what motivates people to join Rotary... 
What motivates people to join Rotary?
  • Companionship and Fellowship
  • Community Service
  • Your company or business is looking for projects they can participate in or donate to
We also discussed how can we help new members make the most of their Rotary membership, and how we can retain our members:
  • Add “Discover Rotary” to the orientation.  Discover the world reach of Rotary. 
  • Find out a person’s passions—ask new members for ideas for projects.       
  • Satellite clubs:  Present them with projects and see who wants to join
  • Partner with other groups that have projects and need help—they are Rotarians and don’t know it.
  • Post projects on the club’s Facebook page
  • “Spouse Nights”—create more of them to get families involved.
Many people want to join Rotary but are waiting to be asked, so go out and ask your like-minded friends, colleagues, etc. to see if they'd like to help!  Sometimes helping with a project and seeing what we do is the catalyst needed to find new members.