We have undertaken the Little Book Box project. Our goal is to ‘plant’ Book Boxes around our community for use by both children & adults. These are ‘Take a Book – Keep a Book’ locations.
So far we have installed them at the Old Colony YMCA in Middleboro, the North Congregational Church, LifeHouse Church, Pierce Playground & Field of Dreams. We have another ready to be planted at Pratt Farm, and are working with the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Middleboro for another. As of late 2021 we collaborated with MHS who has, with 5th grade assistance, completed four additional Book Boxes for future planting!
We continue to seek Business Sponsors for additional Book Boxes, as materials alone are at least $250. Thank you to Brophy’s Fine Firearms, the ‘American Dream’ team – Realtors, and Rotary member John Lynce for sponsoring previous Book Boxes. Please contact us if you or your business are interested in sponsoring one of our Book Boxes.