I am privileged to be a member and past president [2020-2021] of the Middleboro Rotary club and honored to be the Assistant District Governor [AG] of our area 4, District 7950.
Our heartfelt Thanks to Willy & Mimi Duphily for inviting us to their farm, again this year, to hold our Middleboro Rotary club Induction gathering.
The weather was great, the turn-out excellent and the camaraderie engaging.  It was a Potluck dinner evening, and there was plenty of both Food and laughter!
As AG, I was delighted to Induct Julie Kennedy & Sascha O'Roak as our Middleboro Co-Presidents for our Rotary year 2023-2024!  They shared with us their thoughts, plans & goals for our club for the coming year.  With their Energy we're going to have a Great year!
Bob and Julie & Sascha swore in our club Officers.  I was called upon to Induct two new Rotarians into our group.  One of my 'adopted' sons Stephen Quevillon and my lovely wife, Penny Q.!  Middleboro Rotary is now a Family affair!
As the theme this year is 'Co' - Co-Presidents Julie & Sascha - Steve & Josh are our Co-Sergeants @ Arms for 2023-2024!
We're an Energized group, we're Growing and we have Lots of room for You!  Bring your Ideas and a Friend!